Alan's 66/67 Dodge Charger Page
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Welcome To My Home Page

This page will be dedicated to our 66 dodge charger. Our 66 is tan with a gold interior, needs very little to be restored. The interior needs alot of help but the body is in great shape. Its powered by a 383 automatic with air and power steering. Its being restored slowly but surely. The sight also has helpful tips and tricks, along with some other info for a charger group which is a great group with alot of knowledge and parts. Hopefully you will enjoy the sight. UPDATE for now is that I sold the Charger but will eventually get a new one when time and money permits.  I will keep up with the charger group of  along with my new site of

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My old 67 Dodge Charger
67 dodge charger 383 4 barrel, auto, air, ps, and pb. It has 47000 original miles but the body at this time looks like 147000.

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Concept Turbine and 67 Charger go figure the differences...


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