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HMMMMMMMMMMM A little about mua. I was born in the stone ages, been around the block numerous times.  I have 2 children, David and Clayton, who I hope will be into these cars as much as I am.  I got interested in the charger when I saw an add for a 67 Charger.  I went to look at it and could not believe that it was a dodge charger. I have had several chargers which to include 2 66 chargers and 1 67 charger. The 67 I sold in California and one of the 66 chargers wound up as a parts car.  I sold the latest 66 charger due to moving around and didnt want to see it go to waste.  I will eventually get me another one and do a full restore/mod on one. I have currently started my own business that makes money working for myself.  If you like to work for yourself and make money check out my site at   www.fhtmus.com/ADGarrison  and view the video link it will tell you all about it.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Started with the notion of wanting to build a website and for what better thing than for our beloved chargers. Plus that was the first thing that came to mind.

I belong to a group of charger members with only 66/67 dodge chargers. The group is 66_67_dodge_chargers@yahoogroups.com  check it out if you need parts or info on how to restore or convert these great cars.  There is alot of information available to all that needs it. The group has helped me more than a few times.  I in return helped them.  I also just started a Dodge Group of my own for old trucks or any dodge vehicles. Early_Dodge_Trucks@yahoogroups.com .  Stop by either one and check them out.

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